9 March 2015

“It is some two years ago now that I had the good fortune of walking into the office in Gravenhurst, to meet up with Catharine Inniss for the very first time. My husband Jeff and myself were in the final throws of a very long immigration to process – emigrating from the U.K. to the Muskoka area of Canada. Catharine spent time with us to find out how and what she could do to help to make the whole relocation process as painless as possible for us!

We made Catharine fully aware that we were not, at that time, in a position to start house hunting. She, never-the-less, arranged to meet up with us later on in that week to show us around the area, for us to see first hand the types of houses that would be available to us when we were finally ready to make out move and purchase a house. I have to say she was a pleasure and an absolute mine of information!

Even though Catharine was fully aware that we were unable to buy a property through her at that particular time, she selflessly invested her time and efforts in driving us around the area, determining further our property likes and dislikes – of which there were many! She was also well versed in advising us on specific areas, schooling, industry and the such like.

We then returned to the UK where over the months and ensuing years, Catharine kept in touch, advising us on real estate issues and opportunities as and when they came up.

I am pleased to conclude that when we were finally in a position to make our house purchase, Catharine was again there to help us in purchasing and securing out wonderful family home.

In fact, it has to be said that Catharine undertook the whole process for us – viewing, negotiating and closing the deal, whilst we remained in England!!! She was also instrumetal in helping us finding and securing a mortgage – no mean feat, as we were technically at the time – non residents.

This is truly a testiment of Catharine’s dedication, commitment and professionalism, as well as showing the trust and respect we has in Catharine’s abilities to best represent us, in what is one of the most important decisions of our lives.

I would have no qualms, (if I were mad enough to ever move again!) in selecting Catharine Inniss as my Real Estate Agent, and intend to advise all my colleagues and friends of the same.

You know, it is said that there are 3 most stressful situations in life – Death, Divorce and Moving House – I’m just so pleased that Catharine was there to help us out on one of these most stressful situations – which to all intents and purposes, fell way outside of the normal realms of moving house scenario anyway!”

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