**Now Sold** Stunning Muskoka Cottage Building Lot, 500’ Muldrew Lake

Muskoka cottage building lot

Muskoka cottage building lot – featuring 500 feet on Muldrew Lake!

Muldrew Lake is Muskoka’s eighth largest lake, and only 90 minutes to the GTA. Close to all the amenities of Gravenhurst, Muldrew Lake is pristine and only seems far away.

This site would provide the ultimate, private platform for the cottage of anyone’s dreams. The views are incredible. The owners have spent five years, preparing the paperwork so that you can step in with your designer and builder and finally make your dreams come true. The lot is vast, yet close to town (10 minutes, honestly!). The land is gorgeous and the rock slipping gently into the water will tickle your fancy. Why wait? They aren`t making any more land and Muldrew is the ultimate.
An Environmental Report has been completed and a copy will be provided to the qualified buyer.  This is a Managed Forest property. Just ask about it.

If a Muskoka cottage building lot is on your radar, you need to see this rare, large, private property.


Property Type:Muskoka Cottage Building lot
Lot size:500 x 1420 x 685 x 1108 feet
Location:Muldrew Lake, Muskoka
Scenery:Muskoka Granite, Pine Island views, blue waters

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