Farewell to Clevelands House Lake Rosseau: An Aerial Goodbye to a Muskoka Icon

Last Look at Clevelands House Resort Before Demolition | Aerial Tour of Muskoka’s Lake Rosseau Gem – Cottage in Muskoka/ Lenore Inniss

Enjoy our latest YouTube video where we pay tribute to Clevelands House on Lake Rosseau, a beloved Muskoka landmark set for demolition. Our exclusive drone footage captures the resort’s charm and the stunning natural beauty of Lake Rosseau, offering a unique farewell to a place many have held dear.

The Beauty of Clevelands House

Explore the scenic wonders and historical charm of Lake Rosseau and Clevelands House Resort through breathtaking aerial footage. You can view and share more aerial footage of Clevelands House Resort and Lake Rosseau on our instagram reel here.

A Final Farewell to a Muskoka Icon

Clevelands House in Minett, Muskoka Lakes was beloved by so many, its demolition marks the end of an era in Muskoka’s storied landscape.

Muskoka Ice Out: a Sign of Spring

Experience the Muskoka Ice Out phenomenon, a herald of spring and a captivating natural event captured in our exclusive footage. We do not anticipate spring floods so far this year, so this phenomenon marks the beginning of boating season!

Preserving Memories: a Legacy at Clevelands House

Reflect on the legacy of Clevelands House Resort and how it has shaped the community and memories of those who visited this iconic site. Check out the comments on our Clevelands House pics here, and join in the conversation!

Just one of the many Clevelands House pics you’ll find on our Instagram page, @cottageinmuskoka.

As we say goodbye to Cleves, we cherish the memories and beauty captured in our exclusive aerial footage. This farewell tour not only commemorates a significant piece of Muskoka’s heritage but also celebrates the natural beauty and community spirit that continue to thrive in the region. Stay connected with us for more Muskoka real estate insights and captivating content from the heart of cottage country.

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