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Triathlon Season in full swing here in Muskoka

We have some great events in Muskoka each year. Among them are some really well attended and managed triathlons.

Chris is entered in three: Gravenhurst, Bala and Bracebridge. We were out the other night, Chris doing the hard work, while I kept the sailboat alongside. You might recognize the route: west between Pine Island and the mainland cottages near Touchstone.

Kirby watching for good form – hey, a Lab ought to know!


Moon River Walleye Fishery

Here’s another video for the Muskoka Watershed Council‘s YouTube channel.

Eric McIntyre, of the Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council discusses spiking water flow downstream from Bala Falls, its devastating implications to Walleye reproduction and the current status of the agreement between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ontario Power Generation.

2005 water flows, highly detrimental to Walleye reproduction have now been improved somewhat.

Eric spoke at the Muskoka Stewardship Conference.

In the video, there’s some interesting detail about Walleye habitat, the Moon River Walleye fishery and the need to control water levels in Lake Muskoka.

Oops, not a great spot to pitch your tent!

International Year of the Forest 2011 – a link to a MUST WATCH video below.

We are very privileged to live in Muskoka where we enjoy healthy forests, with much natural cover.
Although I am a volunteer with the Muskoka Watershed Council, I recognize the current and past work done by all the volunteers and staff of the MWC for 10 years now. With the release of the 2010 Report Card, benchmarks for future Report Cards have been established; best ensuring that we do not lose our incredible resource.

Please watch this great, great video. Thank you!